A Historic Year for ASG – New Stores & Academy

2019 was a historic year for ASG (Associated Supermarket Group), the oldest store services and financing provider in the NY metro area, serving independent supermarkets. The momentous year added 30 new independent supermarkets to the portfolio. Long Island based chain, Uncle Giuseppe’s is now part of ASG’s customer mix. Moreover, ASG honed-in on new construction and rehabilitated commercial locations in Brooklyn, New York for specialty stores Gourmet Fresh and Food Garden Market. Additionally, ASG doubled down on opening stores with legacy banner name recognition in the market, Associated, Compare Foods, Met, and Pioneer. 2019 allowed for quality marketing programs designed to add value to the banners and drive consumers to customers’ supermarkets.

ASG is focused on the area’s growth that is fueled by a booming real estate market, a newfound passion the consumer has for food, technology converging into the sector, and immigrant-owned food businesses that contribute to the metro economy. ASG will continue to increase entrepreneurship by providing the services, scale and expertise that allow independent supermarkets to thrive on their independence.

ASG is proud of its enhanced supermarket support solutions, including the house brand Avenue A and the merchandising programs. With the introduction of the ASG Supermarket Academy, providing customers a competitive edge with training on core aspects of the business, such as profitability, shrinkage, labor costs management, and customer service.  In 2020, ASG will continue to invest in training sessions for its customers, as proper training empowers the independent for success.