ASG Statement on Met Foods and Store Protocols

We have zero tolerance for racial injustice, violence, bigotry and hate and were very disturbed by what happened on June 7th.

We have discussed our position on the incident with the store owner and he has committed to taking measures, including the implementation of store protocols to ensure this does not happen again. We plan to monitor the implementation and compliance of these protocols.

ASG provides independent supermarket owners – many of whom are immigrants or first-generation families pursuing their American Dream – with retail solutions and services to help them succeed.

As part of this mission and striving to be catalysts for positive change, we will provide the stores we serve with practical training to address security and public safety issues. This training will educate store owners on how to establish procedures and strengthen existing security plans, implement a crisis management plan, and train employees on proper de-escalation protocols to help manage future shoplifting situations and other security concerns. Our objective is to prevent the mishandling of situations like these from happening in the future.