C&S Standard Credit Changes, Effective July 22, 2020

C&S is implementing an updated standard credit program which is effective now. Please note the following:

– The program will cover shortages and mispicks only. Standard credit will cover overages, shortages and mispicks under $150.

– The call in threshold will go from $300 to $150. Claims over $150 can be called in for credit.

– Mispicks not carried by the store may be communicated to customer service. Credit will be issued on the short item upon return of the mispick.

– The following is not part of standard credit and credit can be requested within 24 hours of the delivery via C&S’ customer service department.

– Damages- to be called in at the unit level- C&S may request a picture.

– Off Condition Product – C&S may request a picture.

– Short Coded (based on existing guidelines) / Out of Code product – C&S may request a picture with code date and lot code.

If you have any questions please feel to contact the C&S customer service team at 800-888-6737.

As always we appreciate your support and your business!



Michael Tarloff

Senior Director of Sales

C&S Wholesale Grocers