For over 50 years, Associated Supermarkets has provided our communities with the freshest quality foods and the best customer service. Operating over 110 independently owned stores in the five boroughs of NYC, Connecticut, Long Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia and upstate NY


Over 54 Years of servicing NYC’s distinctive neighborhoods operating more than 75 banner stores. All stores are owner operated within all the five boroughs of New York City.


Met Fresh was introduced to give consumers a fresh and organic shopping experience. The store focuses on its organic produce, meat and specialty offerings in a larger footprint format.


Operating over 60 Independently owned stores in  the boroughs of
NYC, Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island , New Jersey, Upstate New York and North Carolina. Offering a more Hispanic Ethnic variety of products as well as a complete variety of mainstream items.


Servicing communities since 1944. Operating 35 banner stores, primarily in the Bronx, NY and Manhattan. This banner provides a selection or products as ethnically diverse as New York City.


Designed to compete in a crowded marketplace, offering alternatives for a fast paced consumer.  Catering to rapidly changing neighborhoods, this banner focuses on organic produce, meat and specialty offerings.