28 May

C&S Credit Procedures Effective March, 30 2020

Due to the increased order volume, effective immediately, C&S will no longer place case picking labels across all divisions.  This action will help expedite the process efficiency at the warehouse level.

Driver must count on POD. Store must call in discrepancies within 24 hours of the delivery and take pictures if necessary.

Process to receive C&S deliveries:

  1. C&S driver drops off pallets.
  2. Drivers will provide store personnel with verbal confirmation of the number of pallets, shippers, or totes unloaded
  3. Store count the pallets received.
  4. If the amount of pallets is different than what the invoice shows, the driver must make a note on the POD.
  5. Drivers will record the store personnel name(s) on the invoices and the driver will sign the invoice. This will serve as proof of delivery. No signature from store personnel is required.
  6. Driver leaves.
  7. Store can now count cases.
  8. Store has 24 hours to call in damages, shortages, mispicks, etc.

We ask all store personnel to keep appropriate social distance of at least six feet for the safety of your teams and drivers.

Customers will receive a weekly standard credit based on each shipping facilities historical performance with an adjustment for current performance. This weekly credit will cover shortages, damages and mispicks less than $300 in error per delivery.

Please read full notice on C&S delivery and credit processes HERE.

05 May

ASG Promotes Michelle Mendoza to VP of Marketing & Customer Experience and Francisco Nieves to VP of Sales

May 5, 2020

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Michelle Mendoza to Vice President of Marketing & Customer Experience and Francisco Nieves to Vice President of Sales.

Michelle joined the company in June of 2016, with over 10 years of marketing experience.

This promotion recognizes Michelle’s many contributions to ASG, especially her role in rising the profile of our core banners Associated, Compare, Met Foods and Pioneer, the development of our house brand Avenue A, the implementation of our marketing initiatives and the improvements of our Customer Experience department.

She will continue to report to me as she leads the company’s marketing, communications and customer experience initiatives to position ASG and its brands as an integral part of our success.

With over 23 years of experience, Francisco joined ASG in 2017, as our Senior Director of Sales where he focused on securing new store opportunities and growing our existing stores sales.

This promotion recognizes Francisco’s leading role in growing the company’s sales and his efforts coaching his team to elevate their level of performance and service to our customers.

He will continue to report to me as we strive to increase sales while improving ASG’s value proposition to our customers. Francisco plays a significant role in the future growth of the company.

Please join me in congratulating Michelle and Francisco on his well-deserved promotion.





Zulema T. Wiscovitch

Executive Vice President

& Chief Administrative Officer

15 Jan


2019 was a historic year for ASG (Associated Supermarket Group), the oldest store services and financing provider in the NY metro area, serving independent supermarkets. The momentous year added 30 new independent supermarkets to the portfolio. Long Island based chain, Uncle Giuseppe’s is now part of ASG’s customer mix. Moreover, ASG honed-in on new construction and rehabilitated commercial locations in Brooklyn, New York for specialty stores Gourmet Fresh and Food Garden Market. Additionally, ASG doubled down on opening stores with legacy banner name recognition in the market, Associated, Compare Foods, Met, and Pioneer. 2019 allowed for quality marketing programs designed to add value to the banners and drive consumers to customers’ supermarkets.

ASG is focused on the area’s growth that is fueled by a booming real estate market, a newfound passion the consumer has for food, technology converging into the sector, and immigrant-owned food businesses that contribute to the metro economy. ASG will continue to increase entrepreneurship by providing the services, scale and expertise that allow independent supermarkets to thrive on their independence.

ASG is proud of its enhanced supermarket support solutions, including the house brand Avenue A and the merchandising programs. With the introduction of the ASG Supermarket Academy, providing customers a competitive edge with training on core aspects of the business, such as profitability, shrinkage, labor costs management, and customer service.  In 2020, ASG will continue to invest in training sessions for its customers, as proper training empowers the independent for success.

16 Dec

PHOTOS: 2019 ASG Holiday Dinner

Thank you for joining us on Saturday for the ASG 2019 Holiday Dinner. Indeed, a memorable and fun night.

In case you missed the epic night, Albano & Americo Seabra along with their respective families received the Retailer of the Year award and Kimberly-Clark received the Recognition of Partnership award.

For event pictures, click here.

For photo booth pictures, click here.

24 Jul

Pangea Shelf Labels

Attention all ASG store owners and managers,


Be advised that you should expect your weekly price change shelf labels between Tuesday and Thursday every week.


In the event of not having received the FedEx package with the weekly labels coming from Pangea on Thursday by noon, you need to immediately contact Pangea Customer Service, they will track your delivery and/or reorder and expedite it if necessary, in order to get your labels delivered to your store in a timely manner.



Pangea Customer Service: