ASG Growth Thrived in 2020, A Win for Independents

Rising above the unprecedented challenges of 2020, Associated Supermarket Group, a retail solutions and finance company based in New York, led independent supermarket growth by adding 34 new accounts to its $1.6 billion retail network. In recent years, as regional grocery chains have filed for bankruptcy or shut down, ASG saw a shift in commitment from independents to persevere, strengthening amid the COVID-19 pandemic, to serve the public.

In 2020, ASG expanded to North Jersey, where it welcomed two new stores to the network: The Highlands Market by Shopwell in Hewitt, and Buddy’s Marketplace in Manalapan. In New York City, ASG gained 23 new supermarkets, including expansion ventures for Lincoln Market, Antillana, and Associated Fresh supermarkets, which are urban family operators. These families and the 23 new supermarkets are a lifeline to serve the needs of New York City neighborhoods at a time when grocery stores are among the few businesses allowed to keep their doors open. Fortunately, these stores serve communities that have suffered disproportionately from COVID-19’s devastating social and economic impact.

Out east on Long Island, ASG ensured that its customers, including two newcomers, met their aggressive growth plans to serve the uptick in at-home-consumption rates of suburban consumers who increasingly work and learn remotely at home during the pandemic. ASG welcomed the ninth Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace at 1170 Deer Park Ave in North Babylon and the ninth Giunta’s Meat Farm at 399 Medford Ave in Patchogue to the portfolio of non-bannered stores it powers. In addition, ASG picked up five secondary accounts.

Coupled with store growth during 2020, ASG addressed the digital divide issue for independent supermarkets. To ensure that independents have an e-commerce presence as more consumers cite time savings and safety precaution during the pandemic as two reasons for shifting to online grocery shopping, ASG established a partnership with Instacart to bridge the e-commerce gap for the 230-plus stores it serves. In addition to Instacart, ASG will continue to offer an in-house e-commerce solution with the Rosie app.

During 2021, ASG, which currently has a presence in seven states, will focus its business development resources on expansion and continue to strengthen the retail network of stores it serves. ASG is committed to increase entrepreneurship by providing the services, scale and expertise that allow independent supermarkets to thrive on their independence.