ASG Statement on Community and Justice

We stand with the community against racial injustice, violence, and hate. We support peaceful demonstrations but condemn hostility and crime.

The independent, family-owned, and operated supermarkets we serve, are part of the fabric of the communities where they operate. During this global pandemic, these supermarkets and their essential workers are on the front lines, servicing the vital food supply needs of the community.

Diversity and inclusion matter to us inside and outside of our headquarters.  We will continue to invest in and support the diverse small businesses that operate under our trade names, Associated, Associated Fresh, Compare Foods, Met Food, Met Fresh, Pioneer, and other independent names.

ASG’s mission is to provide independent supermarket owners with retail solutions and services to succeed without compromising the freedom to run their stores, as many of them are immigrants or first-generation families pursuing their American Dream.  We continue to build community economic growth by investing in multicultural and economically diverse retail opportunities. The ASG team and its leadership mirror the multicultural world where we do business. We believe diversity drives opportunity and we are committed to stand united for justice with the communities we serve.